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     What is a Powwow?

        A powwow is many things.  It's a time of celebration.  It's Indian singing.  It's Indian dancing.  It's Indian
  food.   It's a homecoming, a gathering of friends and families.  But it's so much more....It's a feeling. 

      Powwows are centuries-old traditions for many American Indian nations.  Many of the customs for today's powwows came from the nomadic tribes of the Great Plains.  The buffalo was central to the Plains Indians' way of life.  It was a source of food, clothing, covering for lodges (tipis) and many other items used in their day-to-day life.  As the buffalo migrated the plains, Indians followed.  During the winter months, traveling and hunting became very difficult, forcing the tribes to split up into small bands related by family or clan ties. 

      As summer arrived, the bands would rejoin, coming together for buffalo hunts, the major ceremonies of the tribe, and for the powwows.  These summer gatherings would bring together all the members of each tribe.  This was a time for the sharing of stories about the great hunting feats and raiding parties, and a time for the telling of visions and the singing of songs that held many powers and spoke of the deeds of fallen brothers and of ancestors gone many years.  The powwows in the old days were a time of music, songs, and dancing. 

      Today the spirit of the old powwows lives on.  In modern times the powwow has spread to most American Indian groups in the lower 48 states and southern Canada.  There have even been powwows held on American military bases in Iraq.  A sense of "Pan-Indianism" has developed; the clothing and much of the regalia that were once common only to the Plains Indians, have been adopted in part or in whole by many American Indians.  Indian creek Productions, Inc. welcomes you to our powwow.  We know that you will feel the spirit of the old time powwows while you are here and maybe have enough left over to take home with you.