Indian Creek Productions, Inc.

Entering the Sacred Circle - -
Through music, artifacts, slides and participation, learn the symbolism and etiquette of the modern powwow

America: Indian Country - -
This presentation of  artifacts and slides emphasizes how geography, climate and resources of a region determine the culture of the tribes who live there.

The Trail Where We Cried - -
Music, stories and slides tell the story of how the Cherokee people adopted many of the ways of their white neighbors, but were still unable to prevent the Removal.  The story concludes with the reunion of the Eastern and Western Cherokee at Red Clay, Tennessee.

Walking in Balance - -
Baskets, beadwork, pottery, clothing, weapons, tools and other artifacts are used to explain the Cherokee emphasis on maintaining balance in the universe.

This is What the Old Men Told Me - -
How was the world made?  Why is the possum's tail bare?  What is the origin of fire?  Why do Cherokee people keep strawberries in their homes?  These and many other questions are answered through the telling of old Cherokee tales.

Digging Up Bones - -
This presentation of artifacts and slides is a look at the Woodland Period of 3,000 years ago and includes information on the current status of grave desecration laws.

Are We Having Fun Yet? - -
This is an opportunity to participate in updated versions of games enjoyed by American Indian children in various regions of the country.

My Great Grandmother Was a Cherokee Princess --
Learn valuable insights into tracing your Cherokee genealogy

Native American Games --
Discover traditional games from many culture regions including audience participation activities

Beyond The Feathers --
Look at textbooks and childrens' literature from the Native perspective

A Warrior's Tradition --
Appreciating the Native efforts in combat past and present

East vs West--
Examining basic cultural differences on either side of the Mississippi River

Cherokee Clothing
Understanding changes in Cherokee dress over time

18th Century Cherokee Clothing for Reenactment
Development of a persona for reenactment

These programs typically last 45 minutes to one hour.  We are available for day, evening and weekend programs.

Whether you are interested in a classroom presentation or planning a weekend festival,
Indian Creek Productions, Inc. offers a wide range of services from presenting a program to organizing an entire event.  Fee Schedule