Living History

"Living History" allows a person to travel back in time to experience the sights, sounds, tastes - the feel of what life was like long ago.  More than a lecture or a demonstration, it is an immersion in the ways of the ancestors.

Portraying the Cherokee of the mid-1700s involves setting up a lean-to, spreading out the blankets, baskets, pottery, hides, and weapons, cooking over the open fire, and going about the other daily chores of life.

In some cases, it may also mean arguing with European Americans over the use of the land, telling stories around the fire, forcing a prisoner to run the gauntlet, or dancing to the sound of the drum.

Sherry demonstrates and teaches fingerweaving, sewing, or other activities while tending her cooking pot, which may contain "Three Sisters"or venison stew.  She uses a Dutch Oven to cook cornbread or a peach cobbler.

Mark demonstrates the use of the blowgun for hunting small game and the tomahawk for combat and competition.

Visitors to the camp are invited to sit on a blanket, share in the work, and maybe enjoy a taste of venison stew.